Friday, 29 October 2010

So its a fond farewell to Paddyhornan......well, what we can remember of it.....

Above: Massive Crew Roll Call - aka All the Love in the World Video:

Above: The Paddyhornan Debating Society - Agenda Items:

The Airport - Somebody Say Something Please;
The Taxi - Did you Use Your Dicta-Phone?
A Truent Uncovered;
Welcome to Paddyhornan;
The Simpleton and the Taj Mahal;
Whats He Doing? ("Just Pretend I'm not Here");
Already Starting to Lose the Plot;
Mr Grimsdale (Yet Again)
Mr 'Gadget Man' Told Off (by Grumpy Old Woman);
The One about the Cow Catcher;
Steamin' and a Rollin';
Paparazzi Uncovered (by Supergrass Myhill);
Those White Teeth Gleaming in the Dark;
"Put it Away" (by Grumpy Old Woman);
My Tommy Seven Gun and Jimmy Bond Radio;
Demi Moore with the Drinks;
Angelaa, Angelaa...say something;
Paula The Video(ing) Queen;
The Blue Velvet / Blue Moon / Blue River Medlay;
The Morning After the Night Before - An "Inopportune Moment" Exposed;
Mr No Pants and No Hat;
A "Pretty 'Lil' Thing" Dishes Out Bananas;
The Mysterious 999 Recalled;
Massive Crew Roll Call - aka All the Love in the World Video

Above: Old Man (and Woman) Video by young emerging filmmaker Sarah Gorman - Soundtrack by Neil Young: